All about our Adrian

Adrian and Florinda came to us in December of 2006 as foster cats from Forgotten Felines, a spay and neuter organization for feral cats in Northern California. Shy and soooo afraid, both were the most difficult fosters that I ever had. After a couple of days, little Florrie went to another foster home where the was the only cat and eventually went to a very loving home.

When the siblings first came to us, we were told that they were sisters. I called them Florinda and Adrianna. However, as it turned out, little Adrianna was really little Adrian.

Adrian continued to be shy and afraid and it was apparent that he would most likely always be a special needs cat.

Due to a shortage in the shelter, we kept Adrian as a foster for over 3 months. During that time, he started slowly adjusting, bonded with Kitty...

...and even with the grumpy Mr. Booh.

As the day came for us to give him up as a foster arrived we considered whether or not we should adopt him. He seemed to have adjusted so well to life with our permanent cats. We decided to keep the little munchkin.

At first, it was not clear who's cat he wanted to be....

...but I think that he decided to become Kitty's cat.

He has been with us now since December 2006, and it is not often that he lets me do "cheek to cheek" with him...but when he does, it is a great moment for me.

He won the hearts of all of our other cats, even the old Lady seemed to take a liking to him.

Even after all of this time he continues to be a very shy and elusive guy, he loves his home and his companions. We do not regret for one moment the day we decided to keep you with us little Adrian!"