All about our Kitty

Kitty was about 3 month when she came to us September 2002...

It was apperant from day one that she was going to be Lyndon's Kitty

She loved me too, but I made too much fun of her.

Kitty sure knew how to win son Damien's heart

...but her arrival did not go well with Lady, our 12 year old cat. They would be living in seperated rooms for 2 years because arch menesis Lady would attack little Kitty any change that she got.

All in all she still is a very curious cat...

but you cannot call her vain!

In December of 2003, we got a new addition: Mr.Booh. He instantly bonded with Kitty, and she took care of him like a mother.

Even with Mr. Booh in the house, things were still tough with Lady, so we continued to keep them seperated.

However, for Kitty, Lyndon is the man!!!

This is one of my favorite pictures. Kitty and Mr. Booh having a stake out on the window sill.

Now what time is it? is time for Kitty to say hello to yet another addition: Our foster cat Adrian who decided that he wanted to be part of our family in April of 2006...and Kitty loves him!

So her life continues with good friends who visit,

...being silly at times,

...but always as the great cat that she is!