All about our Mr. Booh

In December of 2003 while shopping at Wallgreens, a man was giving kittens away in front of the store. He only had one left: A longhaired tuxedo cat about 3 months old. We already had 2 cats, and hubby Lyndon pleaded against it, but I just fell in love with that little furball who just looked too sad.

In a little shoebox, we transported him home, and he got to inspect his new home right away.

..and also met his foster mom Kitty for the first time whom he loved very much from the start.

He was very shy in the beginning,

and even seemed sad at times,

...but after a while it became apperant that he would be my cat.

He bonded so well with Kitty.

Of all the cats, he loves the outside the most. However, all our cats are indoor cats and only allowed outside in the yard with supervision.

Among other things like hating strangers coming in the house, he despised our old cat Lady, but who could blame him. She would chase him when he was little, but the he started getting bigger, he gained more confidence. but even with 15 pounds lighter than Mr.Booh, Lady was still the alpha cat of the house.

He could not stand other cats in the back yard. For ours he would sit by the window, shaking in anger that he could not go out there and chase them away.

..but when people come visit us, he would hide where ever he could and not come out until they were gone.

This is one of my favorite pictures. Kitty and Mr. Booh having a stake out on the window sill.

Now it is time for Mr. Booh to say hello to newcomer Ardian. He was one of our foster cats that we decided to keep.

....and then in February of 2008, another new addition came: Our German Sheperd Dog Dakota. Mr. Booh was not impressed beause he still weight about about 5 more pounds than 17 pound 11 week old GSD puppy Dakota.

However, seveal months later, Mr. Booh was outweight and outgrown....

...but he continues to be brave and holds is ground.