My Dog Fynn

"Thorns may hurt you, men desert you, sunlight turn to fog; but you're never friendless ever, if you have a dog."

Douglas Mallock

Choosing a puppy, what a task....Fynn it was, at last!"

Our Boy Fynn. Born on August 25, 2012. Not yet time to come home - 9 Weeks

Sierra 4

Finally!!! The first day at home on October 26, 2012. - 10 weeks

Fynn Home

And off he goes to take the journey called life:

Starting with Puppy Class -11 Weeks

Puppy Class

Chilling with the kitties and aunty Sierra -12 Weeks


Going to Dillon Beach -13 Weeks

First Beach

Tracking at Browns Farm - 13 Weeks


Figuring out the pesky Washingmachine - 13 Weeks

Washing Machine

Making sure those Ears are standing up proper - 14 Weeks


Graduating Summa Cum Laude from Pet Smart Puppy Class - 15 Weeks


Romping and Playing with Autie Sierra - 15 Weeks


Smelling the Roses....uhmmmm Oranges!- 15 Weeks


Exploring Howards Park. 16 Weeks


Celebrating Christmas at Countywide Dog Club - 16 Weeks (2012)


Graduating from another Puppy Class with honors - 16 Weeks.


Going to the beach again - 4 Months.

Sec Beach

...and again with sister Sadie - 4 Months.


Hiking with the San Rafael gang at Sleepy Hollow - 4 Months.


Going to his first dog show in Fremont - 4 Months.


Watching the sun set at Chrissy Field - 4 Months.


Visiting the Kitties so fine - 4 Months.

Cat Room

Hanging out with Kimmy and Chrissy - 4 Months.

Kim and Chrissy

Chasing the ball at Dillon Beach - 4 Months

Catch Ball

Getting these darn ears taped (AGAIN!!!) - Almost 5 Months

Ears Taped

and now they are standing just so fine - 5 Months

Head Shot

Life goes on with greeting friends at the house - 5 Months


...and (oh NO) getting those pesky ears taped YET again - 5 Months


Hiking with Leo and Elena in Howards Park - 5 Months


Waiting patiently for Mr. Lyndon - 5 Months


Going out for a walk on a rainy day just silly looking. 6 Months

Rainy Day

Practicing OB at the Covy Tucker meeting - 6 Months


Celebrating with friends his frist leg in Beginner Novice - 6 Months

Fist Leg

Frolicing with Marina at Dillon Beach - 7 Months


Meeting Dad Fitch, Uncle Trip and Sister Sadie - 7 Months


Laying so nice on his new blanket from Mrs. Kathy - 7 Months


Posing so fine with Sierra at the lake in Howards Park - 7 Months


Saying good bye to Sierra for good in May 2013. She was a good friend and mentor. RIP sweet sister - 8 Months

Sierra RIP

However, we continue working at Countywide Dog Club towards our first CD - 8 Months

Fynn Sits Downs

hiking with the San Rafael gang - 8 Months

Sleepy Hoolow

playing so fine at the beach - 8 Months

beach 8 mo

visiting Darydell - 8 Months


joining the Million Dog March in San Francisco (can you find Fynn?) - 9 Months


playing with sister Sadie (who is who?) - 9 Months


chilling with Lyndon after a good play - 9 Months

Chil Lyndon

welcoming his half sister to our house - 10 Months


dining so fine at the County Wide Dog Club picnic - 10 Months


training at the match in Hayward - 10 Months


walking with Virginia and the Petaluma gang - 10 Months


and back to frolicing at the beach again - 10 Months


On August 3rd 2013, Fynn's half sister Ella finally joined our family. She is exaxtly one year old.
Welcome home Ella - 11 Months

Ella First Week

So we continue to hike with good friends in Howard Park - 11 Months

HP walk

taking goofy pictues...- 11 Months


...but also good ones at the lake in Howards Park - 11 Months

Not Goof

Meeting with the Covy Tucker Gang - 11 Months

Covy Tucker

Having fun with Ella doing what he is not suppose to do - 11 Months


A day before his first birthday, August 24, 2013, he got his third leg (second place)and first title: Graduate Novice!!! We are so proud of you

First Title

August 25, 2013 - And off we go into his second year of life...

On his first Birthday, he got his first leg and third place in Rally Novice. How proud can we be?

First leg

So we continue walking with good friends on Taylor Mountain - 1 Year

Getting our second and third leg and our second titel: Rally Novice!!! What a dog... - 1 Year

Rally Title

Hiking with the San Rafael gang at the off leash area at Pt. Pinole in Richmond - 1 Year

Pt Pinole

Frolicing in the dunes even on a foggy day - 1 Year

Foggy Day

Joining the Mud Strut at Spreckles in Rohnert Park - 1 Year 1 Mo


Hating the fact to be neutered and wearing that pestky collar that comes with it - 1 Year 1 Mo


Loving his Mommy at Alston Park in Napa - What a dog!!! 1 Year 2 Mo

AlstonPAlston Park

Having fun with sister Ella at the Petaluma Dog Park - 1 Year 2 Mo

Pet Dog Park

Walking in Napa with Patty and the GSD Rescue Group- 1 Year 2 Mo

Napa I

...and showing everyone that he can "take on" the gost of Halloween - 1 Year 2 Mo

Napa II

Finally making it to the top on Taylor Mountain - 1 Year 3 Mo

Taylor Mountain

Walking in silly raincoats at the nearby creek - 1 Year 3 Mo

Rainy Day

Celebrating Chrismas at County Wide - 1 Year 3 Mo (2013)

CW 2013

Spending Christmas Day frolicing at the Russian River with Chrissy - 1 Year 4 Mo

Russian River

Posing with sister Ella and Kimmy - 1 Year 4 Mo


What a great headshot Mummy took at the beach - 1 Year 4 Mo


And so we are starting the year 2014 with a nice hike at Point Pinole - 1 Year 5 Mo


going to mommies favorite match at the Cow Palace in San Francisco - 1 Year 6 Mo


continue to hike at the beach even in foggy weather - 1 Year 6 Mo


posing so mommie can take goofy pictures - 1 Year 6 Mo


taking pictures of her boys in the back yard - 1 Year 6 Mo


and winning his first leg towards his CD in Vallejo. WHAT A DOG!!! - 1 Year 7 Mo


So we go on with life meeting new dogs and people at Dillon Beach - 1 Year 7 Mo

Dogs on Beach

Hiking with the GSD group in Wardlaw Park, Vallejo CA - 1 Year 7 Mo

Wardlaw Park

and enjoying a playful afternoon at the dog park with old and new friends - 1 Year 7 Mo

Dog Park

Hiking with San Rafael Gand in Crane Creek (oh boy those tics that we bought home) Santa Rosa CA - 1 Year 8 Mo

Crane Crek

Anohter hike at Point Pinole in Richmone CA - 1 Year 8 Mo

Point Pinole

But with play comes work. We need to ensure that we still practice our Obedience Sits and Downs - 1 Year 8 Mo


and making sure that we go to all the obedience matches we can - 1 Year 9 Mo


So the days go by with hiking at Crane Canyon with the San Rafael gang - 1 Year 9 Mo

Crane Canyon

Enjoying the view over the San Pablo Bay in Richmond - 1 Year 9 Mo


Visiting his girlfriends Tess and Sierra - 1 Year 10 Mo


Hanging out with Penny and showing off his beautiful self!!! 1 Year 10 Mo


Walking with old pal Mr. Burns. 1 Year 11 Mo

Mr B

and going on another hike at Point Pinole with our favorite GSD Hiking Group. 1 Year 11 Mo


Celebrating 2 years of life with sister Ella at Dillon Beach - 2 Years

Dillon Beach


August 25, 2014 - And off we go into his third year of life...

Helping Kimmy training for the marathon. 2 Years 1 Mo

Marathon Marathon2

Climbing the highest Mountain. 2 Years 1 Mo

and getting his Novice Title at Pleasanton. What a dog!!! 2 Years 2 Mo


Walking with the Meetup Group in Point Pinole. 2 Years 2 Mo


Celebrating Christmas 2014 at Countywide....

XMas 1

...with his beloved family. 2 Years 4 Mo

X mas 2

Again, our beloved it Dillon Beach...

Dillon Beach

with Renada, Ella, Fynn, Penny (Kissing Fynn) annd Sierra. 2 Years 5 Mo

Dillon Beach

with Nichte Ela from Germany, 2 Years 5 Mo


and once more in the dunes. 2 Years 5 Mo


but we also have to keep working, hoping for another title this year. 2 Years 6 Mo


Back to Sleepy Hollow. What a great place to hike! 2 Years 7 Mo


Here we are meeting other German Shepherds at the Kunde Winery hike. 2 Years 8 Mo


Representing Therapy Dog International at Woofstock. 2 Years 9 Mo


Hiking with Erika and the GSD Meetup gang in Petaluma. 2 Years 10 Mo


WOW..Second place and first leg in Graduate Novice at Mensona 2015! Way to go Fynn!!! 2 Years 11 Mo


August 25, 2015 - And off we go into his fourth year of life...

On his 3rd Birthday, the boy got another leg and another second place towards his Graduate Novice title...WHAT A DOG - Happy Birthday Fynn!!!

...and when he does not work, he makes it his thing to pose for such great headshots like this one at Point Pinole - It does not get better than that! 3 Years 0 Months


Beach Beach Beach...we never get tired of going there!!!! 3 Years 1 Months


Walking in Schollenberger Park with the GSD group. 3 Years 2 Months


Christmas Visit with Kimmy December 2015 (1)- 3 Years 3 Months


And celebrating Christmas 2015 at Countywide....

We did it again...We got our Rally Advanced title at the Cow Palace in January 2016. Way to go my boy!!! 3 Years 4 Months

Still hiking with Friends in Howards Park - 3 Years 4 Months

Meeting other Covy Tucker dogs in Cotatie - 3 Years 5 Months

Enjoying a visit with Marina at Jack London State Park - 3 Years 6 Months

They sure liked Marina - 3 Years 6 Months

And of course what would be a visit without a hike at Point Pinole - 3 Years 7 Months

Here we are at the beach. Just the boy and his mommy. - 3 Years 8 Months


A stroll with the Covy Tucker gang at Schollenberger Park in Petaluma - 3 Years 8 Months


Wondering where Mommy is. She left us in the car!!!- 3 Years 8 Months


Playing, Training, and then Resting at Spreckles - 3 Years 9 Months


Fynn helps Mommy work at Press Democrat - 3 Years 10 Months


That Lyndon!!! Trying to take Fynn's Frisbee - 3 Years 10 Months


Fynn get his Graduate Novice Title - Ella gets her Novice Title - Mensona Aug 2016 - 3 Years 11 Mo


Top of Taylor Mountain - What a Hike!!! 3 Years 11 Months


August 25, 2016 - And off we go into his fifth year of life...

Celebrating Fynn's 4th Birthday with a hike in Howards Park - 4 Years 0 Mo


Fynny gets his Rally Excellent Title at Vallejo!!! Well done my BBB Boy - 4 Years 0 Months


Back Yard or Beach - The boy knows how to catch!!!! - 4 Years 1 Months


Fynn and Toula at a Photoshoot at SSU.... - 4 Years 2 Months


...and with sister Ella at another one at Howard Park- 4 Years 2 Months


Fynn in the Snow - Adventures in the Califorina Sierra!!! 4 Years 3 Months


Fynn in the Snow - So much Fun - 4 Years 3 Months


Fynn in the Snow - Watching the White World around him - 4 Years 3 Months


Fynn in the Snow - Sooooo tired..... 4 Years 3 Months


And before you know it!!! Another Christmas - Wow, time just seems to fly - 4 Years 3 Months


Another Year, Another Show - Open Trial at Cow Place - 4 Years 4 Months


Beautiful Retrieve over the High Jump - He did well! - 4 Years 4 Months


Long Sits and Downs - Piece of Cake for the boy!!! - 4 Years 4 Months


Mommy got her portrait studio here is head shot of the boy - 4 Years 5 Months

Back to some fun in the back yard - 4 Years 6 Months

Sister Ella sure knows how to bend it like Beckham

...and let's not forget about the boy!!! WOW!!!

Another Months - Another Show - Sacramento - 4 Years 7 Months

Fynn and Ella after a long walk at Point Pinole - 4 Years 8 Months

Fynn going to work with Mommy - He sure turned heads - 4 Years 8 Months

And another head shot of the boy...he just does it so well. 4 Years 9 Months

At the County Wide Trial July 2017, we scored first place in brace obedience. Both dogs did phenomenal!!!! 4 Years 10 Months

...and we were awarded with a beautiful first place ribbon! 4 Years 10 Months

And the day was not over yet. In the afternoon, we racked up another ribbon. Second place. What a day!!!! 4 Years 10 Months

Back to playing the boys favorite Game... catch that frisbee. 4 Years 11 Months

Another Christmas with our beloved dogs. Are they not just beautiful!!! 5 Years 4 Months

Of course, there is no January without Fynn and I going to Cow Palace. 5 Years 5 Months

Mommy and her goofy photography... 5 Years 6 Months

It was a good day we decided to bring this beautiful boy home!